How to make fondant baby converse shoes

This sweet fondant baby converses may look complex
but can be made easily with a basic sugarcraft skills
and a few useful tools.
 This baby shoes article was in the Squires Kitchen's
Cakes and Sugarcraft magazine Spring issue 112, 2011.




What you need

300~500g Modelling paste
Food colours
Edible glue of water
Small,sharp knife
Quilting wheel
Non stick rolling pin and board
Foam pad
Cotton ball or tissue paper

To make modelling paste

500g sugarpaste(rolled fondant)
10ml(2tsp) gum powder (gum tragacanth or CMC)

Knead the gum powder into fondant.
Double wrap the paste in a plastc bag and leave for 7~8 hours before use but it is best left overnight.

Roll out 100g (3/2oz) of paste to 5mm (1/4”) thickness on a non-stick board and cut out pieces using the template.
Cut out one more sole by reversing the template so you have a shoe for each foot (the other pieces don't need to be reversed as they're symmetrical).
Place the soles on a foam pad.



Brush the curved edge of the toe piece with glue or water and attach it to the front of the sole.
Use your finger to smooth the glued edge.
Place a cotton ball or torn up tissue paper
 in the toe part to support the shape as it dries.

Using a quilting wheel to indent stiches on the edge and side of both pieces,following the template.
Use the end of a paintbrush to indent three holes for the shoelaces.Brush water on the bottom edge of the heel piece and attach to the sole. 

Adjust the tongue to fit in place.
Use more tissue paper or a cotton ball to support the tongue.


Cut out toe covers and indent stitches.
Glue to the front of the toe
Roll out white modelling paste to a thickness of 3~5mm
and cut out strips for the side and the front of the shoes 



캡션 추가

Cut out two short strips and mark with a quilting wheel on each side.
Fold the end of the strips and attach to the back of the shoes
Cut out more white strips to make make shoelaces.



You can use two different colours to make it more special !






Have a lovely weekend ~




  1. they're all so cute - the brown, pink and white ones are especially delightful !

    1. Hi Sarah-Jane,I am so happy that you liked my fondant shoes! The brown ones are actually a copy of my daughter's (who is also called Sarah) converse.

  2. i love the brown and the pink one with the flower!!! beautiful!!! ^^

  3. Your tutorial is the best! It's better than the YouTube videos. I just made a blue pair. First time making them. I am intermediate with gumpaste, but was able to follow easily. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you for the sweet and encouraging comment!

  4. I'm definitely trying these and the baby shoes, they are soooo cute. Thanks :)

  5. Wow! This is an amazing tutorial! I hope you don't mind that I share it on my Facebook =)

    1. Thanks mydearbakes! I would love to share it on your Facebook~

  6. Ove been serching so long for a good baby converse. Thank you so much! Ill link you soon to my BlogPost when I finished the Cake :)

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  8. Hi,
    I wanted to ask can I make them and store them? Or do I make them the time I need them? Can they be made like 10 days before the event?

  9. Those are absolutely adorable thanks for sharing.

  10. this is a fantastic pattern and tutorial. thank you so much for sharing x

  11. Thank you for the tutorial!! It is so nice when people are so willing to share!!

  12. So cool with your pattern. I Will try tomorrow. Is there other petterns than one kind of shoe? This is PERFECTLY made to help others And so beautifully made all of your shoes.

  13. These are brilliant! You are very talented, and very generous sharing the tutorial! Thank you!

  14. Beautiful. Thanks so much. I have made some following this tutorial

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  16. Hi Deborah, I'm not sure where my last comment went, but I wanted to alert you to what appears to be one of your gorgeous cake pictures being stolen.
    The pic is in the 'weddings' section and it looks to have been taken from your magazine cover pic.
    I hate when people steal other's work and try to pass it off as their own. Thank you for all your wonderful tutorials.

  17. Wow, simply amazing. My daughter have the same baby shoes like the pink ones which has a teddy face on it. These are so cute. I will make her these foodies, she will be very happy.

  18. I want to thank you for this tutorial ! I have done converses too, thanks to you! You can find it here:

    I'd like to publish my experiment on my blog, quoting (of course) your tutorial. Thank you for your generosity!
    My blog is

    I have not published yet, but il will be done soon.

    Best regards!

  19. There is store of colored shoe. really it is Like creationKicks I choice 3-4 pair of baby shoes. Do you like these?

  20. Wow these baby shoes are really cute. I just love them. I will definitely try making them myself.

  21. Thank you Deborah, I made a pair of tiny version using your template. It's perfect and so cute. Love your art work. Thumbs up to you.

  22. I want my kid wear those kids shoes wholesale not to eat. :D

  23. I want to thank you for this tutorial. these baby shoes are really great. I will definitely try it myself.

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  25. Great tutorial! Beautiful shoes. Thank you.

  26. Great tutorial! Beautiful shoes. Thank you.

  27. Thanks for posting valuable info.......

  28. Thank you! Really beautiful work!

  29. Great to find this - I am planning to make a surprise baby shower cake for a friend! I bet she will love these cute baby shoe toppers, too.

  30. This is an amazing tutorial on fondant cakes. thank you so much for sharing.

  31. I love to see a fondant baby converse shoes ,, for my son birthday. This is a really sweet idea.

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