How to make polka dot cake

I use modelling paste to make my bows,
lace decorations, teddy bear and the letter H.
You need to add 1 teaspoon of gum powder to 250g of fondant,
or use half - fondant, half - gumpast mixture.
I will post the teddy bear tutorial
sometime later....(soon). ha ha
I use piped royal icing roses for this cake
but you can use any small fondant flowers.

I use FMM straight frill cutter.

Jem doily frill cutter set no. 2
Roll out some white fondant to 3~4mm thick and cut it into bow shape like the picture. 
Then roll some small balls of pink fondant and squash these
 down onto the white paste using your thumb.
When all the balls are in place, gently roll over the paste to
incorporate the dots into it.

Cut around the bow





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