How To Make Spring Fondant Baby Bow Shoes Cake Topper

I designed these baby shoe cake toppers for beginners so everyone from all skill levels will be able to recreate them. They are simple to make, great gifts for your loved ones for birthdays, baby showers and celebrations etc.

All of my shoes and decorations are made with modelling paste.

Modelling Paste Recipe:

500g fondant, 1- 2 tsp CMC (Tylose)

Mix the fondant and CMC. Wrap it in plastic wrap/cling film. Leave it for 1 - 2 hours.

This paste is good for making figurines and cake decorations, but it is too soft to make delicate sugar flowers. I recommend mixing 1 tsp of CMC first, and if the paste is too soft, gradually add a little bit more fondant. Don't put too much CMC as it will be too hard to use.

Check out the video for the full tutorial.

Baby Shoe Template


  1. Really beautiful shoes 👟 Mvg Gina 🇧🇪

    1. The shoes for the girls are so cute and really amazing beautiful 🀩👏👏👏👏Mvg Gina 🇧🇪🀩🀩

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  3. amazing recipe and wonderful cake i think this is best idea for every mother because many mom has many issues for her babies food

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