How To Make Teddy Bear Cake (Tutorial: Easy Baby Shower Cake with Meringue Cookies and Meringue Pops)

In this tutorial I show you how to make a teddy bear cake with cookies. I also used meringue pops to decorate the cake. This is a great cake for baby showers and baby birthday celebrations. It is pretty easy to make too ~ Enjoy! :) 

What you'll need:
6" round cakes
300g buttercream
10" cake card
5 meringue pops and lots of meringue cookies :)
Teddy bear cookies
Royal icing
Sugar Flair food colours for teddy bear cookie: gold, pink, dark brown and black
Dark Brown petal dust
Paint brush #00
Corn flour (corn starch)

Template for download

                                                                  Enjoy the video!


                                                         How to make meringue pops video


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