Cute Fondant Baby Shoes Cake Topper with Woodland Animals

In this tutorial I show you how to make fondant baby shoes cake toppers with woodland animals. The shoes are in the style of Ugg boots decorated with a bear, a rabbit, a for and a raccoon. This video includes how to make the Ugg boots sheep skin effect and how to make baby animal faces without a template. The shoes and decorations are made with modelling paste (see recipe below), In the next video tutorial. I will show you how to make a woodland tree trunk cake that goes with these shoes.

Modelling Paste Recipe:

500g Fondant

1~2 tsp CMC ( because every fondant is different, try with 1 tsp first then adjust accordingly)

Mix together and leaver for 1~2 hours before use. When time goes by the paste will become firmer.


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