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I used modelling paste (see recipe below) to make the shoes. FONDANT RECIPE ▸ TOOLS Clay blade Blossom cutters Rolling pin Ball tool Stitch tool Bamboo skewer Scalpel SUGARFLAIR COLOURS ▹ Closed Toe Sandal: Claret (pink), Ice Blue + Party Green (I mixed a little touch of Party Green to Ice Blue), Dark Brown ▹ Open Toe Sandal: Claret (pink), Egg Yellow (to make ivory colour), Dark Brown ___________________________________ - MODELLING PASTE RECIPE - 500g Fondant 1 - 2 tsp CMC (because every fondant is different, try with 1 tsp first then adjust accordingly) Mix together and leave for 1 - 2 hours before use, because when time goes by the fondant paste will become firmer


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